Chamber Mission

Princeton – Lowry Crossing Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement

The Mission of the PLCCC is to promote the development of all establishments designed for the betterment of the City of Princeton – Lowry Crossing area, so its citizens and business community shall prosper.

To achieve this objective, we must take an active part in our community. The Chamber organizes and/or participates in many events during the year to promote that involvement.

To understand the purpose of the Princeton Chamber of Commerce (PLCCC) and why we participate in local events, we help to:

  • Educate the community via events and forums on business, civic, and political issues.
  • Promote local businesses while promoting economic growth and development.
  • Develop a unique sense of pride in our town, Princeton.

It is our desire that through the Chamber, we can strengthen the bond between citizens; increase growth to attract more people and businesses, making Princeton – Lowry Crossing…

“Naturally Home”